Highly Productive Systems

Highly Productive Machining

Companies in the automotive industry, in the electric or electronic industry and in many other kinds of manufacturing industries expect high productivity in industrial production.

Precisely machined, durable and accurately fitting workpieces in high-volume production are a must for many companies in order to remain competitive.

For the last 115 years Mikron Machining has continuously optimized the accuracy, quality and productivity of its machines.

The result: highly productive systems that enable your company to manufacture precision parts in the micrometer range at a very high speed.

Turning, milling, drilling, reaming, deburring, forming –  all manufacturing processes are coordinated to maximum effect on our mechanical or CNC machining systems.

Example Productivity Features

  • Multiple machining in one clamping operation
  • Up to 3 machining units per station 
  • Up to 24 working stations 
  • Up to 44 working units machining simultaneously
  • Single or multiple cycle (maximum 600 parts/minute)

The Mikron Multistar is ideal for your production lines, especially if your company specializes in the manufacturing of parts for electronics, motor injection technology or e.g. bicycle nipples.

The Mikron Multistar is one of our fastest transfer machines: It gives your productivity of high precision parts with diameters between 0.4 and 35 millimeters a real boost!

Depending on which model you choose, you can produce up to 600 workpieces per minute on this transfer system.

This multi-versatile machining system is our system solution for economical high volume series production.

We build your dedicated Mikron MultiX to achieve superior productivity by less investment costs. You can freely combine the platform elements to assemble your individual machining system so that it meets your productivity requirements.

The machine is able to process 50 up to 5‘000‘000 parts. You can start with a single cycle and add supplementary cycles according to your volume growth.

The  "Best of Industry Award" winner in 2020 is not only highly productive, but also highly flexible and scalable. The novel modular concept of the Mikron MultiX allows you to adapt your CNC rotary transfer machine to new tasks at any time by replacing or adding individual components.

Ready to achieve superior productivity and scalability with Mikron’s CNC rotary transfer machine? Experience the flexibility and scalability of the Mikron MultiX, the "Best of Industry Award" winner in 2020: Contact us now to learn more!

The very future-oriented Mikron NRG CNC rotary transfer machine takes the fast changes in technology (and customer requirements) in consideration and processes workpieces with 12 stations and up to 30 working units machining simultaneously.

Synchronized modular components allow maximal machining ability, from highly productive to highly flexible.

It is particularly suitable for the production of automotive parts, for watch components and lock components, and for pneumatic and hydraulic workpieces.

Achieve highest precision, productivity and flexibility in your production with the Mikron NRG CNC rotary transfer machine. Contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your manufacturing process!

The Mikron VX-12 combines the benefits of a high productive CNC machine with the flexibility of a machining center. This transfer machine belongs to the most precise and flexible manufacturing systems for cost-efficient production.

Productivity benefits (to name just a few):

  • Machining with up to 22 units (two per station) 
  • 12 workstations for variable production batch sizes
  • Complete machining on 6 faces
  • Pre-machining directly on bar/wire (out of cycle, parallel to the main process time). Clamping of the workpiece on the machined surface for subsequent operations

Contact us to see how Mikron VX can optimize your production process!