Predictive Services 
Optimize availability

As manufacturing operations become increasingly complex, reliable and efficient methods of maintaining your equipment and optimizing your production processes are essential.

This is where predictive services come in, because at their heart is the ability to accurately predict maintenance needs.

Mikron’s predictive services involve the collection and analysis of Big Data using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques – such as predictive analytics, predictive modeling software, data analytics and data mining.

This enables you to:

  • anticipate and prevent potential problems or failures
  • be able to schedule repairs and replacements at the most convenient and cost-effective times.

Overall, you avoid costly downtime, reduce waste and improve product quality.

Mikron’s predictive service solutions offer two powerful tools:

  • Mikron miTool for advanced tool monitoring and 
  • Mikron miS4.0 for data collection, machine performance and condition monitoring as well as maintenance task prediction.

Whether you are looking to improve OEE, reduce maintenance costs, or increase product quality: Our predictive services and tools enable you to take effective action to optimize your machining processes and get ahead of potential problems.